Frequently Asked Questions

1) What payment options do you offer?

** We offer payment via Paypal, Check or Store Credit. Those that choose Store Credit will receive an additional 25% to their total. Please enter on the order form the method of payment you would prefer.

2) Why doesn't the shopping cart add up the items for a grand total?

** Our Buy Website is set up not to charge someone placing a sell order. However, for some reason that means that the shopping cart does not provide a grand total. Fortunately, we know for a fact that once the sell order is placed the seller will receive an immediate confirmation email with the grand total. We apologize for the inconvenience and if there is a question, please contact us.

3) Is there a limit to how much I can sell you?

** There are no limits on sell orders. We will accept a sell order as low as $2.00 and as high as $2000. No order is too big or too small!

4) I have a huge collection that I would like to sell but I don't have the time to place the sell order on the website. Can we make a separate deal?

** We are always willing to work with our customers. If you have a huge collection that you want to sell and not a lot of time to place the sell order, let us know by email and we will work something out. However, unless the order is truly large, we ask everyone to place the sell order on the website to make things as smooth as possible.

5) How long does it take to get paid for selling my minis?

** As soon as we receive your package we will go over the contents and send payment. While we will normally strive to have this done within 3 business days it may take a little longer if the package arrives before the weekend or around a holiday.